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damn the pope about to preach some sick verses

the guy beatboxing behind him

YO YO YO Pope P-Money Francizzle in da HOUSE (of God),
Layin’ down some psick Psalms and some wicked Wisdom~

Old Gregory’s rhymes, they might leave you tired,
But just like that plainchant, my words are inspired
I’m dope, I’m the Pope, and you know I’m infallible,
Sayin’ a Mass in my alb, stole, chasuble
I got nuns in my posse and cardinals in my crew
We followin’ Christ, that most radical Jew,
The Son of God, the Way and the Truth and the Light
Second Person of the Trinity, you know he’s a’ight, we tight, yo
Teachin’ the catechism, no time for schism
Don’t like what I’m preachin’, check it out, no need to get mad again
I’m bloggin’ and tweetin’ God’s word from the Vatican
You diggin’ my beats, you think I got it goin’ on
Why don’t you check out the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John?
Or the writings of Augustine
He always bustin’
Out the rhymes
For the love of The Lord, he gave up all his good times
I ain’t done yet, but for now, I gotta jet
Can’t say when I’ll be back
Like my homeboy Christ, don’t know the hour or the day
Till then, pull out your rosary, read my encyclical, and pray



Someone send this to the Vatican. Now.

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